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3 Marketing Lessons To Learn From The Iron Fist


I don’t know about you, but, I am loving this new show on Netflix named The Iron Fist. I believe there are a few lessons to be learned from this show as an internet marketer. So I found 3 marketing lessons.

Have you seen it yet? If not you really need to get out of the hole you live in and watch it. Don’t just watch it, binge watch it. Call out of work even (no just kidding). Unless you are on your way to making millions and enrolled in this course – Michael Cheney’s 7 figure franchise, which I wrote about here. This show is not only entertaining but captivating and intriguing. While watching this show and feeling guilty for not sticking to my plans and taking over the world via internet marketing, I noticed a few things. A few lessons I learned. Let’s even say some feelings I had about internet marketing when I first got started.

Should you be one of those who hasn’t seen the show, let me break it down for you as quick as possible to speed you up.

The main character’s name is Danny Rand, also known as the iron fist, (thought dead for the last 15 years, along with his parents who are actually dead from a plane crash) 20-something years old, who, after his plane crashed into the Himalayan mountains was raised by Buddhist warrior monks, comes back to NYC to reclaim his old life, which happened to be one of a billionaire heir of his father’s company Rand Corp. But for him, it wasn’t about the money, but finding his way back home and seeking answers that he’s been looking for the past 15 years regarding his parent’s death. Only to come and find he doesn’t fit in, he’s being lied to and finds more questions than answers.

So what possible lessons are found in here that we can tie to the subject of this blog post, internet marketing? Well like it says in the title, 3, duh! Here is my list of 3 lessons I picked up from the show.

  1. Marketing lesson no. one – Telling the Truth – This matters. Telling the truth always matters. While we as humans find all sorts of excuses to tell “white lies”, there is really no good reason to lie (yes even at the expense of life, I have a whole theology on this but not dogmatic on it ;-)). In the show, Danny, pretty much everyone, whether allies or enemies, lied to him. Toward the end of season 1 he didn’t know who he could trust. This is especially important in business, especially in internet marketing. With all those promises you’ve heard, been fed, you need to know that this industry has been infiltrated by some over promise under delivering people, sometimes no delivery (they take your money and split). Don’t make the mistake of thinking the entire industry is like this. Especially since I am in this industry. Any link you click on my website and purchase from IS GOING TO MAKE ME MONEY. However, you need to know, I always stand by what I promote, because I have either purchased them myself, or I know the people involved and trust them myself. I’ve been lied to and I know what it feels like.
  2. Marketing lesson no. two – How to find your place – Danny, a character of innocence (for the most part) cannot seem to fit in the “real world”. He felt lost. He was after all from “another realm”. Where different rules, desires, and ambitions existed. Materialism wasn’t a thing in the world he grew up in. Money, fame, status, wasn’t a reality. As soon as he showed up in the big apple, he realized he was no longer in Kansas. He had to learn new habits. Learn how to deal with others. Learn how the real world worked. Although he didn’t fully acclimate, the lesson you and I can learn here is, we must adapt. We must learn. We must try to see where we fit in this whole world of internet marketing. Do you like writing? Do you like video marketing? Do you like networking? The fact of the matter is, we must be effective on multiple platforms. Where are you lost? Do you go past your comfort zone to get better? Are you camera shy? Have you recognized your weaknesses and what are you doing to improve?
  3. Marketing lessong no. three – How to overcome and conquer – The Iron Fist was plagued with struggle and was met with heavy opposition. He had enemies within and without. Plagued by his parent’s death and trying to find out the truth about who killed them, and not getting any closer to answers. He continues. He pushes through adversity. He finds new ways to accomplish his goals. Much like those of us who are trying to make money online with internet/affiliate marketing. The Iron Fist could have given up, but he didn’t. He was determined. As am I. For example. I have a day job wholesaling homes. I worked until about 9 pm. I got home. The wife and kids already in bed. I am tired. But I am determined to meet my goals of being financially free. My training tells me. BLOG! So I’m blogging. It’s about 11:30 pm. I have a long day tomorrow. But I overcome. I am ready to conquer.

Tell the truth. Find your place. Overcome and Conquer. It’s hard work. But I can see the rewards. Will you?

Have you watched the show and see any lessons to gather? If you can identify with any of this would you share this article? Also if you feel lost let me know in the comments below. Tell me of a story where you overcame difficulties. Would love to hear from you below. Signing off until next time.

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