February 2017


Get A Grip : 3 Ways To Overcome The Overwhelming in Blogging

  In my endeavors to find ideas on what to blog about I needed to get a grip and realize I was overwhelemed. Well alright, we’re here again. The overwhelming bane of my existence.   Writing a Blog (just kidding, or am I?) It’s difficult enough to devise compelling content that people will read, comment […]

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Grammy’s 2017, Adele, and Bruno Mars: Hello Can You Hear Me Fortune and Fame?

  So the Grammy’s were on and yes Adele I can hear you walk all the way to the bank, cha ching your way down rodeo drive. And yes Bruno we all know you got that 24k magic. All the day long people stare at these celebrities and wish they could do what they do. […]

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Michael Cheney, Scotland and “The Room” PT 2

Michael Cheney, Scotland and The Room PT 2. So as promised here is part 2 of my series on going to Scotland to meet and learn from. This is actually my second go at writing this article, as somehow the first one deleted itself. Grrr. But on with it! So I am finally in Scotland. […]

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Michael Cheney, Scotland, and “The Room” PT 1

Well I am finally back home. I just got home from Edinburgh, Scotland where a meeting of the best of the internet minds happened. It was 3 nights and 2 nights of sucking in knowledge about making money online with the underground elite of the internet marketing ring. It was a fantastic time of learning, […]

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