How Bananas Changed My Life

So I took on a challenge that I believe from the outset is more than I can chew. So let’s go with it. I presented a challenge on my facebook wall to give me a subject to write about, any subject, and I will try to connect it with internet marketing. I can tell you before I clicked the post button I was trembling with fear, sweat was trickling down my brow, and I’m thinking what in the world am I doing. As a matter of fact, the day prior…

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Growing Your Affiliate Marketing Selling On Facebook

It’s no secret that affiliate marketers are selling on facebook. Whether its affiliates for amazon, warrior, jvzoo, or any other affiliate marketing vendor they are leveraging the super power that is facebook. Selling on facebook has a number of different faces. I hope this post will help you find what works best. First let’s talk about why selling on facebook is essential. Zephoria Digital Marketing put out an article (link to article¬†that states “Worldwide, there are over 1.86 billion monthly active Facebook users (Facebook MAUs) which is a 17 percent…

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