10 Things for New Bloggers to Consider Uncategorised 

10 Things for New Bloggers to Consider

Are you new to the blogging world? Consider these 10 things before you do anything else with your blog.  1: Why Are You Blogging? Why are you blogging? Most new bloggers blog to make some money.  Which is a poor driver which always leads to failure. A few may want to become full time, pro bloggers.  Awesome, but you need to commit fully to blogging to make your dream come true. Be ready to pay the price to become a full timer. A select, rare few simply blog to have fun…

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Commission Resurrection By Ben Martin Uncategorised 

Commission Resurrection By Ben Martin: My Youtube Review – And What You Need To Know

      Commission Resurrection is yet another info product on how to make money online. And it isn’t a secret that there are SOOOOOO many info products online that attempt to teach you how to make money online through affiliate programs. And there certainly isn’t a shortage of crap available. But is this one crap? Especially with a launch price of $9.99? Ben Martin is someone I have been following on facebook for some time now and if you know who he is, he is a no filter, no b.s.…

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