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Commission Resurrection By Ben Martin: My Youtube Review – And What You Need To Know



Commission Resurrection By Ben Martin
Commission Resurrection By Ben Martin


Commission Resurrection is yet another info product on how to make money online. And it isn’t a secret that there are SOOOOOO many info products online that attempt to teach you how to make money online through affiliate programs. And there certainly isn’t a shortage of crap available. But is this one crap? Especially with a launch price of $9.99?

Ben Martin is someone I have been following on facebook¬†for some time now and if you know who he is, he is a no filter, no b.s. kinda guy. Kinda like Donald Trump, he just says what comes to mind and doesn’t care who is obliterated in his wake. I am not bagging on him (well maybe a little) however when it comes to internet marketing and creating a buzz online he gets the job done. Some will stay far away from him like the plague because of his brash persona, however, when no one can knock him for his success. Be that as it may, his products kill it during launch and there is a reason.

My first launch experience with Ben Martin was with his product Castaway Commissions that I reviewed on my blog and it did quite well. It promised many similar things however utilizing different methods of marketing and still I highly recommend that program to any newbie getting started. But does Commission Resurrection deliver the same quality?

Before I give you my thoughts on it lets talk about what you get.

The front end offer is $9.99 which includes 30 training videos that are as follows.

As you can see he includes quite a bit of information in this training. But the question still remains is it worth it? Well Here is my youtube review video of the product.

I am thoroughly excited about this launch because of the tremendous value that is given and the cost at which it is being sold at. So do with this info what you will and if you have any questions please feel free to let me know in the comments below.


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