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The Evergreen Wealth System Formula By James Scholes – Make A Full Time Income Online

The Evergreen Wealth System Formula By James Scholes

Now we all know there isn’t a shortage of offers out there that promise quick riches, glamourous cars, and the millionaire lifestyle. But this one is different. This is a system that says it will help you build an entire online business and flow of income from scratch.

First let’s talk about the creator – Who is James Scholes?

James is a bloke! I think that’s how you spell it. If you haven’t seen his videos or heard his accent he kinda sounds like this.

Well no he doesn’t really sound like that, but this is what he looks like.

He is a full-time internet marketer that runs a really successful blog where he offers mainly free tips, tricks, tools, and training on how to make money online at James Scholes Internet Marketing Blog.

I first came across James when I was trying to learn how to come up with a free way to create a squeeze page.

Since I started back in 2016 with internet marketing I have always considered his content highly valuable and quite frankly a guy that I can’t believe isn’t more known. This guy absolutely is crushing it online and much of his value is given away.

If you know anything about making money online, you certainly know there are so many routes you can take. You can create your own products, you can simply be an affiliate, you can offer free this and free that, you can hire coaches, mentors, and on and on.

Frustrating right?

Oh I also didn’t mention it costs LOTS of bucks to do all that stuff many times. Please understand I am not saying it is a bad thing, but it can get pricey. After all you are building a business and if you want to make serious life changing money you have to invest.

But…..Must you invest a lot of money?

Yes and no.

This is not one shoe fits all, but you have options.

This is where The Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 comes into play.

This system is quite frankly the best money can get for the value provided. Not only are you building a true wealth system that is evergreen (evergreen means it will always work) but you are getting everything handed to you on a silver plate.

Here’s the concept setup:

  1. Setup your assets (takes about 2 hours uninterrupted with training)
  2. Setup your traffic sources (free and paid)
  3. Scale

Simple right?

I have gone through this course and I have seen less information provided by 10x priced courses that I have personally seen.

While I don’t know James terribly well, we have chatted a few times and this guy is top notch. He has always helped me when I had questions, even when I never bought a thing from him.

Now if you are looking to find a solution to really get an online business going and going successfully The evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 shares 5 reasons that I agree with on why it’s a great solution for you.

  1. Never worry about finding traffic. He has you covered. From a newbie to someone more experienced like myself he walks you through different traffic sources that can be automated for maximum results. 
  2. * No content creation – I put an asterisk on this one because unique content creation should be your goal, but for newcomers this can be one of the biggest hang ups and with the Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 James has you covered by providing you with the necessary content to get you started with a massive head start.
  3. Beginner friendly – If you have tried affiliate marketing and it went over your head, his training is so simple my 2 year old daughter who doesn’t really speak english could get it.  Take a look at the members area here.
  4. Support – He’s responsive online, on his site, even on facebook.
  5. He shares methods that will help you get sales as soon as today.

So in my opinion this is an incredible course that really will give you the full A-Z outlook you need to build an entire online business.

To get started ASAP with the Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 please visit this link.









*Disclosure – links on this site may lead to sales pages where I receive compensation for items purchased.

Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0

Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0

User Friendly







  • Comprehensive System
  • Easy System
  • Easy Setup


  • Lots of Setup
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