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The Grind: The Sure Way To Depression


I call it “marketers depression”. Being a marketer, especially one that’s on screen doing videos, it seems everyone is happy and doing well in life, when in fact there is a major problem that no one ever talks about.

In a recent article published by they found

“A new survey has highlighted the full extent of a mental health crisis in the marketing industry with the finding that more than a third (38.9%) of marketers are suffering from symptoms of depression and anxiety with work being the single greatest contributor and 61.1% attributing their fragile state of mind to the office.”

I found myself in this state recently.

Marketers depression is all too real I found out by a recent Facebook post I made.

You see my job consists of running campaigns on social media, using Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms to promote what I believe are products that can help either get interested parties involved in marketing, or tools to help benefit people already in the business.

And certainly not all campaigns are profitable, and I get that.

But some just fall flat on their face.

This is when you question whether or not you’re even cut out for this business.

You know the thoughts –

“Am I good enough?”

“Do people like me anymore?”

“Am I done?”

Now I get that a lot of marketers would say don’t even talk about this.

Well I’m not every marketer.

I operate on more than story telling to sell you something.

I want to be more than an avenue of promotion to people.

I want to be real.


So here are 3 things you (and I) can do to improve it, so I hear.

  1. Get some freaking sleep. Look, I know that Gary V tells you to kill yourself and “grind”, but seriously he’s part  russian, probably KGB trained to kill goats with a stare so he’s not a great example. For lots of people who experience depression, sleeping too little or too much can be a daily problem. Getting good sleep can help to improve your mood and increase your energy levels.
  2. Take a hike you workaholic! No I am not telling you go away, I’m telling you to get some exercise, keep active. And no typing feverishly on facebook isn’t exercise. Although some people do make you sweat.
  3. Eat well. Sure those ding dongs at midnight taste great, but you will die sooner than you expect and you won’t be able to spend all that money grinding like Gary V told you to do. Recently I went plant based (essentially I eat things  that come from the dirt) and sure I miss a nice slice of NY pizza but my blood pressure problems are gone, I’m losing weight, and I can almost see below my gut (if you know what I mean).

In all seriousness depression while marketing is a thing. The bad days are bad but the good days are great. I just hope some of the tips above will help you get through the tough ones.

If ever you need to chat, you can talk to me, but I’d probably just make it worse by telling you to buy some chocolate.

Let me know what you think below. Have you ever been through marketing depression? What did you do about it? I would love to know.

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8 Thoughts to “The Grind: The Sure Way To Depression”

  1. Yep, you got there, it’s ‘raw’ for sure. Sometimes I think Rob you have some ‘Northern’ blood in you 🙂 Depression? Part of the human condition, me thinks! You are finding ways to manage it. Sometimes we need to reach out too. Lots of love 💖 Dilly 🙂 aka Diane Duvnjak

    1. rreece

      Hey thanks Diane for the encouragement. I do have a little northerner in me btw. While I was born and raised on the east coast in NY, I did live for MANY years in Minnesota, the cold tundra. Or the black hole of the US where people go but never get out. But I found a way. lol.

  2. Hilariously serious! You Rob, are one bad communicator. I love the way you write.

    And yes, depression is everywhere -especially in these screenshot marketing days. I’ve built my mind like a tank though. I have learnt to live for the journey, and not the destination.

    Once again, great post -if I may say so myself.

    1. rreece

      Hey Waju my favorite anti-god copy-writer, how are you my dead soul friend? J/K, or am I? I appreciate the words of affirmation. Means a lot since our last private conversation!.

      Thanks a lot friend

  3. I too am familiar with what you’re describing as the depression that comes with the marketing grind.
    In my case, it was made worse by un-diagnosed sleep apnea.
    I noticed a lot of improvement when I started getting more real sleep — per your suggestion #1 about getting some freaking sleep.
    Thanks for being the guy with the guts to start a discussion about this topic.
    You’re doing a lot of good for those of us — like me — who thought we were the only ones affected by this, while everyone else was doing as great as they say they are doing.

  4. Rob, great post about marketers depression. I had to snicker is a few place. I like your sense of humor 🙂

    Thankfully, this is something I have never suffered from personally.

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  6. “Trained to kill goats with a stare” is my next subject line. Funny AF dood!

    Unless you’re trying to be a billionaire grinding like Gary V is a surefire way to an early death.

    Most of us just wanna pay the bills and have some walkin’ around money with our online gigs.

    I agree with the sleep aspect.

    If I get 9 hours I’m super productive!

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