How Bananas Changed My Life

So I took on a challenge that I believe from the outset is more than I can chew. So let’s go with it. I presented a challenge on my facebook wall to give me a subject to write about, any subject, and I will try to connect it with internet marketing. I can tell you before I clicked the post button I was trembling with fear, sweat was trickling down my brow, and I’m thinking what in the world am I doing. As a matter of fact, the day prior is when I had this idea and I didn’t do it out of fear of failing. But I remembered that ol’ proverb, the only failure is not taking action (I’m not completely sure if that is a proverb but it sounds good). The subject suggested by Mike Baine – “How Bananas Changed My Life”.

So here I am. Trying to connect bananas to marketing. Then bang! I got it! I HATE FREAKIN’ Bananas. I mean I gag simply thinking of touching one, don’t you? They are slimy, the smell is terrible, forget trying to eat one. Then it got me thinking. I hate working at the mercy of someone else! I mean everything about it drives me up the wall. Bosses I can’t stand ’em! Co-workers sometimes suck. Drive time is no fun. I mean the list goes on.

So back to hating bananas and work. As you know by now I am involved with internet marketing, affiliate marketing, within the MMO (make money online) space. Where I review different products/pieces of training/software’s that will either teach you a new skill or automate something or simply make your job easier. I do reviews on my blog which you can find some here. I also do facebook posts and videos, live and pre-recorded and give my opinion on what I think about it. Quite frankly if it ends up on my blog or fb it passes the test. This takes A LOT OF WORK. Sheesh! I know what you are asking. *In a quiet and creepy voice you ask – “But Rob you said you hate work, aren’t you working?” Yes, yes I am. But there is one difference. What I do isn’t eating or touching bananas!

I equate what I do to eating Ice cream. I freakin’ love ice cream. I love chocolate, coffee, mint chip, the list is endless. While there are aspects of what I do that sometimes are a pain and time consuming like writing blogs, it gives me certain freedoms. Freedoms I wouldn’t have at a sales job, or some corporate gig. I can come and go when I please, I can spend time with my family more often, I can travel to Europe when I want, which I am doing in a few days with my wife! For the longest time I was stuck eating bananas (read working an 8-5 job). I was always told I MUST EAT BANANAS! WHY FOR THE LOVE OF WHAT IS GOOD WHY MUST I EAT BANANAS? I was always taught in school, society, etc “you’ve got to climb that corporate ladder to make it”. So what did I do? I decided I am a freakin’ adult and if I want Ice Cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner I will have freaking ice cream if I want too!!!

Now I know bananas have nutritional value, but so do other things. So I figured let me find a way to get my nutrients elsewhere. Let me eat what I love. I love internet marketing. Why? Because done right it can give you the right blend of what you need (bananas) and what you want (ice cream). Instead of gagging everyday I wake up and can’t wait to get my day started. No bosses! No commute, just ice cream! If you are looking to stop doing what you hate this is a great way to do so and you can still get your nutrients too! When you recognize what your banana is you can go shopping for your ice cream.

What’s your banana?
What makes you gag?

What are you going to do about it?

Let me know in the comments section below! Thanks for visiting and share this article, you may help a friend in need of escaping the grips of bananas! If you want to stop the gagging now and eat ice cream all day check this out!

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