No Freeebeeeeee For You!


If you hate list building, creating lead magnets, and not making commissions, then you need to seriously pay attention to this.


The old way of online marketing is starting to fizzle out like a married mans sex life if he didn’t clean the dishes.


You know the process right?

All the guru’s teach it still to this day.


They say create an “irresistible” offer and give it away for nothing and get the person to give you their email.

And make it so good that they would have paid for it so they can see the value.


While that method sometimes works I think it’s bat crap crazy to do that.


Time is moohlah so why would I give something away for nada that someone should be paying for?




It’s like being in high school again and saying yes to the fat ugly girl that asked you on a date and because no one else did you got tubby on your arms.


If you’re that desperate to get leads then no wonder no one buys and you have hundreds if not thousands of emails that are worthless.


Those pick up artists from back in the day didn’t know it but they were giving a grand ol’ timeless lesson when it comes to business.


What ‘tis it you may ask?


Its flipping the script on ‘em and making them want you more.


And it’s so good that even fortune 100 companies like Amazon employ this tactic with one another.


How about instead of doing all this work to get a lead on your list that you get people begging, pleading, even paying to be on your list?


I know you stare at that screen of yours sometimes even whispering…


MORE LEADS PLEASE… (said in a pitiful whisper)


Want to finally pay off those bills, go on that vacation or just have a little more time?


You are lucky mon amie because this new strategy training is going to take your list building to untold heights!

 Here’s what you can EXPECT!

  • Generate leads that pay YOU starting today

  • No prior list needed

  • Model secret TOP affiliate earners

  • No prior success required!


Its brain dead simple.


Are you finally going to make your commissions starting tomorrow?  If yes then here’s Kenny’s plan for viralist –

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    • alan
    • February 13, 2020

    Cant beat a freebie

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      Thanks for your comment.

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