Get A Grip : 3 Ways To Overcome The Overwhelming in Blogging


In my endeavors to find ideas on what to blog about I needed to get a grip and realize I was overwhelemed.

Well alright, we’re here again. The overwhelming bane of my existence.


Writing a Blog (just kidding, or am I?) It’s difficult enough to devise compelling content that people will read, comment on, and share, but the actual topics themselves is so vast to choose from you can get lost in the weeds. So this article is really about how to declutter the Clutter. I am certainly no prolific writer, but this has helped me figure out what to write about.

Part of my daily routine is, of course, checking Facebook. Whether that’s for business or pleasure I spend a vast amount of time looking for inspiration to provide me content to blog about. I belong to a number of groups that are designed to help the struggling new marketer. And one group administrator asked a question about “what is overwhelming you”? Quite frankly everything overwhelms me. So much information in a short period of time to consume, have you felt that way? Do you currently feel that way? I was met with a Stern but profound piece of advice.


“This is the advice I’ve always been giving you”

(My thoughts and feelings) My heart is beating out of my chest due to anxiety. Has she really been giving me this all along and I haven’t been listening? Sheesh. Am I so overwhelmed that I can’t even see or remember this advice? After all I have been to a seminar that spoke briefly on this in the grand scheme of internet marketing as a whole and I can’t come up with a single piece of content that would be useful. Am I really that lost in the weeds?


“This is a blog post”

(My thoughts) Why am I making it so hard on myself? Am I so overwhelmed that all this information floating around my head is no good? Am I doing myself more harm with all of the research? Instead of just putting pen to paper, and getting my ideas to flow, am I missing out on more than one opportunity to write. I wonder if you readers out there are overwhelmed as well?


“People who are a few steps behind you will be able to relate to you”

(My Thoughts) How did I not get this? After all I’ve read blog after blog regarding this very issue. So now I’m at a Crossroads. What am I going to do? And I just received a good verbal spanking from this friend. By the way you can join this group by clicking here – Recovering Entrepreneurs. Free to join and you will get lots of help.


He suggested I start a journal. Have something available with me at all times to wear when an idea pops in my head I can simply write them down. Plus Google is our friend. It’s more helpful than we think. Or at least more helpful than we use it for. It’s not just for finding products to buy or searching for funny cat videos (I hate cats by the way). But you can literally ask it anything and it will spit back out to millions of results.

So in order for me to take my own advice, I hit up Google. And simply typed in “how to get blog post ideas”.

Here are some ideas I was met with.

1. Blog about your life’s journey

Well duh. Isn’t this what most internet marketers do? Why is it so hard to take a simple idea and make it the most difficult thing ever? Overthinking hurts. Simplicity is the key. I just wrote a 2 part article (Part 1 & Part 2) on my trip to Scotland for the Michael Cheney event. That certainly qualifies. I am putting into practice this very topic as you read.

No matter how boring or extravagant you think your life maybe it is bound to be interesting to someone. And you will be able to relate to that person. Part of my struggle is opening up. Feeling as if people will not relate or care about what I have to say. But I know that’s not true. Come on, you’ve seen some blogs out there, I mean a simple search for the weirdest blogs in the world you’ll find one on ugly Renaissance babies. Seriously? Ugly Renaissance babies. Now I agree some babies are ugly. But there are actually people who read this? Yes.

2. Blog on similar topics that industry leaders write about

I know you have the same question that I do. Can I write a blog without being an authority? The great thing is you don’t have to be to get started. Learn from those in authority and apply what you’ve learned to your writing. For example I do product reviews products that will help an affiliate marketer make money on at home. This is not a new idea that I really only came up with. I noticed the other people who are leaders in this industry are doing that very thing. So I gain access two products to review either by getting review copies or purchasing them myself. I go through the product. I write what I like and don’t like about the product. I give a score on the product. Boom a blog post.

3. Discover a problem you know how to fix in your niche

I get it. We all don’t have all the answers. But I’m sure through your journey like mine, you have found some answers to some questions. Recall them. If something has worked for you figure out what the initial problem was and write about it. Here’s an exercise. I’ll give you a minute. He’ll grab a pen and a piece of paper or open up a Notepad application on your computer. Try to remember a question that you’ve asked others and found an answer to and just write what the solution was that you found. Expand on it a little bit. Let your readers know of the process. Where did you go for help? Was it Facebook? Was it a forum? Or like we mentioned before was it Google? Cite those references. What were your findings? What were your thoughts through the entire process?

You know storytelling is as old as the world is. Storytelling has always been the number one form of communication. Just think about it. How more likely are you to be drawn into a good story verse a simple listing of facts? So tell your story. Learn what others in your markets are doing. What problem can you fix? And there you begin.

I hope this article was helpful. If you’ve been struggling let us know in the comments section below. If you found this story relatable please share. I’d like to know more about you. Let me know me know your story below. How did you overcome the overwhelming feeling?

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