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How To Make A Video Animation – Animated Video Creation Service Online – Reevio Video Maker Review

Reevio Video Maker

How to make a video animation with Reevio Video Maker, an online video creation service.

First what is Reevio Video Maker? Reevio Video Maker is a video animation creation service online based in the cloud. If you are familiar with viddyoze, doodly, or any of the other video animation creation services this is like that but more. Much more.

Unlike those other services where they focus on one type of video creation this video animation creation tool is so much more. It allows you to do what all the others do in one simple to use video platform without a monthly subscription or super high priced front end cost. Below is my short video walkthrough of the tool, check it out.

Reevio Video Maker was developed by Don Maynard.

Some of the features for Reevio Video Maker are –

  • Audio – Add your own music or sound fx from your own library or from theirs
  • Media library – They have their own library to choose photos and video from
  • Language Translation tool – Currently they have multiple languages to choose from to translate your text automatically
  • Youtube Auto Publish – Self Explanitory
  • Add a watermark to your video for branding
  • And SO MANY TEMPLATES to choose from

Now to be completely upfront, I currently DO NOT OWN this product. I was given a review copy and was blown away. There are still bugs to be fixed such as 2 templates out of the entire library that couldn’t render, but I have spoken with Don, the creator of Reevio Video Maker, and they are on top of it. But Even with those issues, I plan on purchasing this myself.

As I mentioned above, the pricing model is not monthly. They operate on a one time cost and depending on what level you want you get more templates. They then opted to do the credits model for premium renders. The credits are available in $25 increments which gets you 200 credits (If I remember correctly). But this imo (in my opinion) is a good model. If you don’t like certain templates guess what? You’ll never use it for that. And if you know anything about viddyoze, they have a monthly template club which is $37/month. So your pocket will thank you.

If you are looking to create videos for yourself, your marketing, your clients, this is truly the one video creation service you need.

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Reevio Video Maker


Overall Score



  • Easy
  • Lots of Templates
  • No monthly cost
  • Multi Niche Use


  • Couldn't Render a Few Templates

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