Michael Cheney, Scotland, and “The Room” PT 1

Well I am finally back home. I just got home from Edinburgh, Scotland where a meeting of the best of the internet minds happened. It was 3 nights and 2 nights of sucking in knowledge about making money online with the underground elite of the internet marketing ring. It was a fantastic time of learning, networking, getting to know 25 different people from around the world. It really was the coolest thing I have done in a while. Cost me pretty penny, but so worth it. And on top of it all I was super jet-lagged. Flying from Dallas Texas to Edinburgh Scotland, and the time difference was a rough transition.

For those who don’t know I attended an event called “The Room” hosted by none other than internet marketing hitman, Michael Cheney.


Mike (Thats what I call him that since we grew so close over the weekend) is a well known marketer online who is from the UK and teaches others how to make passive income online. I mean this guy in the last year has made a lot of money online, I mean like sick amounts of money online and I couldn’t say no to this special training he was conducting called the room.

As you have read in previous posts I am quite new to internet marketing and found myself buying crap products for a few months trying to learn what I was taught in 2 days. I mean seriously! 2 days to learn everything about internet marketing and making money online. YUP! Now don’t get me wrong it was a lot of info, and I do mean a lot. But very practical. Its almost stupid that more people don’t do this online stuff. But after my weekend I am so refreshed and confident I almost feel like a guru.

But this blog post is not about me pitching you some product, it is about my journey and time there. So let me recount.

  • I saw Mark Margolis otherwise known as Hector Salamanca from the Breaking Bad TV Series in the airport before I left. I  know its just the back of his head but hey. I saw him up close and tried getting to him but he escaped my clutches. 
  • Got on my plane, which if you haven’t flown internationally you should, because even coach is cool as heck. Those seats are plush.                                                                                                                                                  

Then I arrived. Ah, good ol’ Scotland. The air was cool, the landscape was fog filled, my uber driver was summoned, and I was on my way to the hotel.

When I arrived it was early afternoon on Friday, and we were set to go out on the town. First stop, Edinburgh Castle. IT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME! Take a look!

What an amazing city. The architecture was breathtaking. We took a guided tour of the Castle, learned some history, saw the Crown Jewels, saw some cool canons. Then it was off to dinner to the whiskey tasting restaurant. 🙂

We were having tons of fun, then, I spilled whiskey on Jenny. Ughh. She smelled like she bathed in a bar. She even spoke gibberish. Words like bollocks, and wanker came flowing from her mouth. These whiskey infused words from a 5ft 1inch Scottish woman. WHAAAA?!

Then like one of those spooky dolls in a scene from a horror movie she looked me directly in the eyes and said slowly and deliberately and said…… Michael Cheney is going to lock you up in the room and show you how you can bath in vats of money. Lots of it that means, I guess.

Was she drunk? Was it the whiskey fumes I just spilled on her? I was strangely excited. Don’t judge me! Ah but was she right?

Until next time my friends. Let me know if you have ever traveled abroad for an internet marketing seminar and where you are from in the comments below. I will continue this series on explaining how the actual event was. I will give you a sneak peek here!

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