Michael Cheney, Scotland and “The Room” PT 2

Michael Cheney, Scotland and The Room PT 2. So as promised here is part 2 of my series on going to Scotland to meet and learn from. This is actually my second go at writing this article, as somehow the first one deleted itself. Grrr. But on with it!

So I am finally in Scotland. Where the heritage and architecture is rich, ready to learn and extremely jet-lagged. I’ve never experienced something like this and to be in a room filled with some great marketers being taught by an expert such as Cheney, I was struggling. But I pressed on.

The concept of this weekend was built on a theme of “being locked in a room and being forced to make money whether we like it or not”. Great promise, great theme, but was it true? Was I really going to be forced to make money? Listen when it comes to making money, no one has to force me. I will gladly join in!

Making money online was the promise. Even for a newbie like myself. I have spent alot of money on alot of programs but this one was by far the biggest investment I have ever made in a single shot. Well except my car, house, and numerous other things that never promised me a lick of cash back. But here I am ready and willing to soak up info like a sponge. And that I did.

The seminar started out with something that seemed so elementary, however I believe was the most valuable reminder. Planning! He laid out for us a literal blueprint of how he has generated the millions he has and it’s really business 101. So here is a simplistic step by step layout of what I learned to do.

  1. Plan – without the plan you are dead in the water. It’s like driving to a specific destination without your directions. How freaking elementary? But oh so powerful. When you have your plan, you know where you are going, and are able to determine your next steps. Are you going to be an affiliate marketer? Are you trying to go fulltime? What products will you promote? Is email marketing part of your plan?
  2. Set your goals – this is a natural outworking of number 1. Write them down. You hear many people talk about mapping out your plan. I like a big ol’ white board, so thats what I use. Write out daily, weekly, monthly directives for yourself. Also consider what desired results are you expecting? It doesn’t necessarily have to do with money either. It could be setting up a blog. Maybe determining how you will drive traffic?
  3. Execute on your goals – This is essential. Not only are steps 1 and 2 so crucial, but without execution of your plan, you are BOUND TO FAIL! And fail hard. I have heard the stories, I call them myths, about the people who became “rich” by accident. If this does happen it is by sheer luck. And I don’t want to rely on luck to get my goals attained.

Now the seminar consisted of much more than what I outlined. But I signed an agreement that if I shared all his secrets I would have to become a slave at the Cheney mansion. And as great as that may be, to swim in a pool filled with gold bullion, I wanted to get home to my wife and 4 kids.

If you are struggling trying to make money from home. And you want to spend more time with the people who matter most. Go here now to see my friends super funnel success plan. This is a sales funnel with a great product that helped me make some of my first major commissions online. Anything Michael Cheney puts out is great and you can really make a difference with your online efforts when you plan, set goals, and execute. Let us know what you plan to do different this week in the comments section below. And if this was helpful, go ahead and share this too. I won’t ever say no!


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