The Secret To Facebook Marketing, Prospecting and Making Affiliate Sales


We all know Facebook is a useful tool to get free traffic. But the fact of the matter is everyone and their mother is posting. So in order to be successful we must be different.

I am going to provide you with 3 simple yet effective tricks that you can implement today that will absolutely make a difference to your marketing on facebook. So lets get to it.

  1. Don’t Spam – Obvious right! But if you are like me you are eager and desire to see results. But the problem is when you continue to post the same thing over and over in the same groups as everyone else you become a nuisance not only to the people viewing your post, the admins, but also to Facebook. Facebook rules the world along with google and the illuminati and they see everything. As it is only a portion of people in these groups will actually see your posts and when they see it too much you are portrayed as someone who is an amateur. Don’t spam, but strategically implement your plan to post. If you google “best times to post on social media” you will see the times suggested to make posts and thus get more views and potentially clicks. (After all thats what we want more clicks!)
  2. When posting on your own timeline remember rule #1. Share some of your personal life, photos, etc. Be a real person. Not a money grubbing FB junkie who only wants peoples money. Ask questions that require people to engage. It can be something as simple as “what did you have for dinner yesterday and post a picture of what you ate. After all who doesn’t like food? I know I do, my belly shows it. So remember be you. Show your audience that you aren’t simply a person out to make money.
  3. This is perhaps the most important one. So pay attention. FACEBOOK LOVE FB LIVE. THEY LOVE IT. I MEAN IF YOU HAVE EVER DONE ONE IT SAYS SOMETHING WHEN YOU GO LIVE THAT YOU WOULDN’T BELIEVE. Do you want to know what it says? Of course you do, you are still reading. It says “We are building an audience for you”. Wait what? FB is building a audience for little ol’ me? Yep. Video is taking the internet by storm. And Facebook, you know since they rule the world and all wants a piece of the action. So what did they do? With their new algorithm they have placed an extremely high priority on FB Live video. So much they are telling your audience for you to join your video. Now part B of this advice. While this is an extremely effective tool for marketing, DO NOT use it to simply pitch. Nothing will turn off your audience more than to see you do live streams all the time and simply saying “buy this product”. This WILL HURT YOU! Be creative, be personal, sometimes just use it to say hey to your peoples.

When you consider what the secret to facebook marketing is, it’s really just common sense isn’t it?

For me when I implemented these simple little Facebook tricks it made a huge difference in my clicks, and more importantly sales. Now go and take over a little piece of your own world.

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