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Well, here we meet again! As I mentioned in my last blog post I would be chronicling my journey as a newbie internet marketer. Present to you things that work and things that don’t. But today’s post will not be that! This week has been a struggle.

As I learn what makes up the anatomy of a successful online marketer, the more it seems like it is so far away to get to that point.

While I had some wins this week, I had more losses. Those loses were all my fault! So I hope that the sketch I lay out in this post will be what I did wrong, and what I should have done.
Man my marketing blues kicked me hard this week. I got distracted, I got frustrated, and I got lazy. I was supposed to write this post a few days ago but I got so A.D.D. with stuff I lost track, and well burned up time. So what happened? I didn’t stick to a schedule, heck I never even made one. That was my first problem.

1. I got distracted, I should have made a schedule – Lesson learned. I speak with many experienced marketers, and the consensus with all of them is they have a schedule and stick to it. So I sought out to look for a tool that can help me and did, it’s called ticktick. Here is a quick video about it.

 2. I got frustrated, I should really take a chill pill.

While my mind knows this isn’t getting rich quick work, my emotions aren’t in line with my mind. I need to be settled and realize this is a long haul thing. My mind knows this, but am I convinced? Are you convinced? Both you and I aren’t going to become the next internet marketing king guru overnight. It’s going to take time, dedication, learning from failures and taking the little wins and celebrating them, when we can. When you are feeling overwhelmed like I was, breath. Go for a walk. Enjoy your family. Play a video game. Whatever you need to do to relieve stress do that! I personally like to lay on my lazy boy with my kid.

3. I got LAZY!!!!! Totally my fault. Because I got frustrated, I walked away and wanted to continue my nonproductive behaviors. Watching TV, playing video games for too long, etc. I am too old for being lazy. And I know that because I am still learning, being lazy is not a luxury I can afford, yet! 🙂 There will be plenty of time for vegging later.

If you are new to internet marketing, you can escape the blues one feels when trying to get started. How? Have excellent training from the beginning. There is this newbie friendly marketing course I am currently taking which is absolutely awesome. It’s called ironically enough, “IM Newbie“. IM Newbie created by Kevin Fahey truly is a great step by step training to get you started with making money online. Here is a quick look at the inside of the training site.

To pick up your copy of IM Newbie with your bonus that I mentioned in the video click here – IM Newbie

If you have been doing internet marketing for a while let me know how you got started in the comments section below.

If you are new let me know what questions you have in the comments and I will write an article about it in a future post.

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