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New Software Drives Targeted Traffic To Your Blog

Being an affiliate marketer has its list of challenges. For me, one of those challenges is driving targeted traffic to blog posts. And I’m certain this is something you are always trying to figure out. But…. I hate SEO, link building, blog hopping to comment and get backlinks to hopefully get more traffic to my blog. After all we got into affiliate marketing to make some “easy money” right? Well that quickly was found to be a myth. This business takes work and work you will do. Now up until…

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Get A Grip : 3 Ways To Overcome The Overwhelming in Blogging

  In my endeavors to find ideas on what to blog about I needed to get a grip and realize I was overwhelemed. Well alright, we’re here again. The overwhelming bane of my existence.   Writing a Blog (just kidding, or am I?) It’s difficult enough to devise compelling content that people will read, comment on, and share, but the actual topics themselves is so vast to choose from you can get lost in the weeds. So this article is really about how to declutter the Clutter. I am certainly…

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