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A New Internet Marketers Journey To Making Money Online

A New Internet Marketers Journey To Making Money Online: The Lost Tale

Meet Me! My name is Rob Reece and I am aspiring to make money online. You know like the gurus you hear about. You probably thought with that artistic photo below I was one of the gurus! Well, I’m not. Not by a LONG shot.


A little bit about me, I am a Christian (most non-religiously affiliated people would consider me a bible thumper), I am a husband (never been divorced), I am a father to 4 kids, oh, did I mention I preach in the streets sometimes 🙂


But when I’m not hanging with the family, or preaching, or doing something else I am buried in my MacBook trying to figure out this thing called internet marketing or affiliate marketing as some know it. I like to call it devising a plan to take over the world with QWERTY keys. If you don’t know QWERTY look it up. I promise it might be funny.

So what exactly is internet marketing or more specifically affiliate marketing? According to Wikipedia, the definition is: Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

Here I am, November 2016, 36 years old, trying to make money with affiliate marketing. Great right? Not so fast. It’s not as easy as those landing/optin pages say it is. Don’t worry if you don’t know what a landing/optin page is, I will probably write a blog about it in the future. But it also isn’t that hard with the correct information, direction and tools.

What I hope to do here at Wealth With Rob is make it as easy and accessible to get the right information, point you in the correct direction, and offer you reviews, opinions and gripes about different tools to help you grow a business online. I may say things that will upset people but ultimately I want this to be about you.

I want it to be known I am an affiliate, I do strive to make money online and offers found on my page I will be compensated for. The difference with me is a. I have bought the product and currently use it or have in the past

a. I have bought the product and currently use it or have in the past

b. I have done my research enough to say whether I like something enough I would suggest it even if I didn’t purchase it

c. If I think something is terrible I will tell you to run for the hills and far away (got that song in your head now don’t you)

Again it’s all about you – and me sometimes 🙂

Hi, my name is Rob Reece and I am a new internet marketer looking to change it up a bit.

Check out my product reviews for some cool products I think are worth your money.

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