Whats my number or dream? Vlog episode #2 – Quickstart Challenge 2018

Hey what’s going on guys this is my second blog post for the Quick Start challenge week 2.

Well really a vlog.

I’ve got to get used to that switching the B and the V .

Anyway I’ve got my family in the background so if you hear some noise it’s just them and it’s just the way I got to run my business.

But this week’s challenge is really quite a difficult for me since I don’t like to talk about specifics and dollar amounts regarding what goes out in bills.

My wife is usually the one who is in charge of the numbers she knows more specifically.

I hate getting into that so this was certainly outside of my comfort zone.

Our monthly bills from what I am able to gather range anywhere from eight to ten thousand dollars, based on various things.

What we need to live is ten thousand dollars a month.

Now that really is quite a bit.

I’ve got the mortgage, three car payments, I’ve got bills that I need to pay back for loans various things over the course of the years. Obviously we’re fine financially.

But that that means that if we want to do anything else our number has got to be above that.

So what I’m hoping to be able to do is completely be able to take care of the monthly bills plus have extra for my wife and myself.

Right now my wife is currently working and I want to make sure that what I can do in my businesses will remove her from the workforce.

She would much rather be a stay-at-home mom instead of work in the office.

So that would mean that I would need to cover the $10,000 and I would add a padding of what I would desire for an additional five to seven thousand dollars per month.

I know it’s not a precise number but that just works better for me and this will cover all of our bills plus give us money each and every month to stash away in savings or invest or be able to cover any emergencies that may happen.

And of course with five kids that is always a possibility, even myself I’m a big clumsy guy so we definitely need that.

Well thats it for this weeks blog/vlog. Until next time. See ya.

Oh I would love to run a ask me anything blog post. Please submit them below and feel free to share your blog and desired monthly income.


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