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WP Affiliate Suite Review: Start A 6-Figure Blog In 2020

WP Affiliate Suite Review

Start A 6-Figure Blog In 2020

Wp Affiliate suite is about to kick off, so I figured what the hell, let me do a review.

If you know anything about me already you know that I make pretty good money with affiliate marketing. My main areas of expertise, (cause I am kinda awesome), is social media traffic, email marketing, youtube videos, and a few other things I ain’t sharing cause you have to pay for that coolness!

I really neglected blogging which is what WP Affiliate Pro is about because well, it was hard for me.

There is one problem I kept running into. All these successful affiliates run a blog. And do extremely well.

And of course because I want to improve I decided to get into blogging.

So here I am writing a review about my experience so far with WP Affiliate Suite.

But first a little background. I have purchased into a LOT of courses before. Some high ticket. Some low. Some in the middle. This is a low ticket course. But… Don’t let this fool you! Its jam packed with everything you could want in an online course about affiliate blogging. And it ain’t gonna cost you an arm and a leg.

I am about 1 week in and it already is in my top 5 favorite courses about affiliate marketing. Chris (the course creator) has done something I haven’t seen anyone do in a course like this.

He actually shows you what he does.

Now this is an important thing because most of the time inside digital courses about making money with affiliate marketing, the course creators show you theory. Which is not itself always a problem but it does lessen the value in my opinion.

WP Affiliate Suite walks you through multiple ways of making money online. He talks about blogging (of course), Chris shares how to do launch jacking, and a few other things.

Now this course’s main focus is using wordpress for affiliate marketing. And affiliate marketing comes in many shapes. There’s physical products. There’s digital products. There’s low and high ticket products. And he covers them all.

So if you’re into cooking, or recipes you can create a blog about that and he will show you how to monetize it without being all weird and salesy. Perfect for the introvert.

Now if you’re interested in something like this, you can join this webinar on Feb 3rd 2020 at 8am EST that he is running. If perhaps you see this after the date listed I presume it will go right to a sales page of some sort. Either way its definitely something to look into.

Oh before I forget, here is a video review I did of it and you can see if its right for you!

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