About Rob

Well, what do we have here? I’m Rob from you guessed it, Wealth With Rob. I am a new kind of internet marketer. I got into internet marketing, or affiliate marketing as people also know it by because I hated working for someone else. I am a husband, a father to 4 kids, a bill payer, and a person who sometimes lacks compassion when telling people the truth. I went from job to job, lying to myself about not minding working for the man, well I wasn’t cut out for that.

After being in corporate sales for 12 years with various companies and being let go or just leaving due to no growth, I realized my fate was always based on someone else’s decisions. Needless to say, I didn’t like that. So after a lot of watching from afar people making money on the interwebs, I decided it was time.

What you will get from me is straight forward. Opinions, reviews, videos, etc on the latest products and software’s meant to help you, the internet marketer. I will be straight forward, sometimes brutally honest when something just sucks, and offers of what I would say are best in class products to help you fire your boss.

Internet marketing isn’t easy. It’s not like most think, “buy this, set it and forget it” mentality, I used to think so. I was sooo gullable. It has lots of moving parts and I will try to help you dissect all those moving parts. I will constantly be updating and adding new stuff to the site all the time so make sure you subscribe to stay updated.